Kowhai iti / Yellow Series 2004 - Artworks by Artist Rua Pick

KOWHAI: 27TH October -- 27th November 2004, Toko Mata Studio/Gallery
This Köwhai / Yellow series is the fifth and final of the five colour series which encompassed Kura/ Red 2000, Ari / White 2002, Pöuri / Black 2002 and Tangaroa / Blue 2003.

The Kowhai series grows from ancient stories Püräkau / seedlings, within formats which are metaphors of köwhai / yellow. When the Kowhai blooms in springtime through the warming land, Papatuanuku / Grandmother Earth awakens from her winters rest - the expansion after the contraction. Te Aitanga a Pepeke a Punga / Insects surge from the ground, their sounds awakening the birds to build their nests. "Ka tangi te wharauroa, ko nga karere a mahuru", "when the shining cuckoo calls it is the messenger of spring" (proverb). The return of the migratory birds to Aotearoa, Koekoeä / Longtailed Cuckoo, Pipiwharauroa / Shining Cukoo and Küaka / Godwits, these birds' songs remind the people to dig and plant their gardens, "koia-koia"/"dig-dig" and begin traveling the trails of the land and sea with the trilling of the Riroriro / Grey warbler. The Ïnanga White bait, Tuna / eels and Kahawai swim up the rivers from the sea. Kowhai the colour of Ora / Life of creativity and renewal, the Kowhai season. Song upon song, sound upon sound, spiraling to the stars.

In the Kowhai painting formats I pay homage to the smallest creatures, Te Pepeke/Insects and the Tangata Pepeke / the insect people, who honor the insect's wisdom by watching and learning from these small yet the most abundant children of Tane / forest and Tangaroa / water. They are the very pulse of life on Papatuanuku / Grandmother Earth. With Te Wha o Mahuru / Spring, comes the many varied frequencies of nature's dynamic season. Stories of sound and music are played out in shapes of Puoro/musical instruments. Bird forms of night and day are also portrayed, of this time when light and dark are equal. Other works explore the Mara / garden and Te Whanau Maarama / the light giving ones, the stars and planets which are seasonal indicators and hold old knowledge. Kowhai is a vision of sounds,

"Te Ao Marama Waiata i roto i te Pepepe nga pakau"
"The universe sings in the butterflies' wings"

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