Dear Artists!

The 1. Bosphorus Art Biennale will take place in October 5, 2011 at 7.30 P.M in the heart of Istanbul, at Fulya Center for Convention and Congress.

Biennale is being held this year for the first time, in a single 5,000 square meter covered facility, especially configured for cultural events and convenient for all involved. The opening reception will be colorful and stellar, with artists, art lovers, collectors, and VIPs in attandance.

The First Bosphorus Art Bianele opening event will take place under the umbrella and the sponsorship of the Office of Prime Minister of The Republic of Turkey, Ministery of Culture and Tourism, and European Parliement.

Fulya Center for Convention and Congress will open the doors of its 5,000 square meter facility to our visotors between the dates of 3-9 October 2011 in the heart of mega city Istanbul, host of many civilizations for many millenia, enchanting all who come here with its mystique and beauty. The preparation, concept and the theme of this project is inspired by the spirit of Mevlana and the Sufi thought in mind, bringing together the diverse cultures and civilizations of the world, love and appreciation of art being the binding element.

1. Bosphorus Art Bianele realized under a single roof is the biggest of its kind up to now in the world. It will be a showcase, fusing the philosophy of Mevlana with those of contemperary artists, their art and missions, bringing together people of diverse ethnicities, religions and cultures. We expect 1.Bosphorus Art Biennale to turn into a spectacular learning experience for all, promoting understanding, tolerence and emphaty for the others.

Setting as its mission to be a strong bridge to promote and develop good relations between the art world, diverse cultures and the countries of the world, we expect the 1. Bosphorus Art Biennale to morph into a festival of love and deep reflection. The source of inspiration for this event, as Mevlana, says, “In humility and modesty, be like the earth.” Following this thought, Istanbul opens its arms , accepting all those who wish to connect through art, in its ancient humility. “In compassion and kindness, be like the sun”, says Mevlana, inviting us to melt in each other, no matter what culture or background we come from. 1. Bosphorus Art Biennale wishes to promote world peace, with the attandence of artists and their art from all around the world, as one mind and body, without hate and anger, best incapsulated in the words of Mevlana “ In anger and fury, be like a dead man.”

As the artists, curators and organizers of the 1. Bosphorus Art Biennale, we dedicate this gathering to the Republic of Turkey and the artists of the world.

With our best wishes, we are honored to meet and host you as the participant artists and your artworks in October.

We greet you with our heartfelt best wishes and unbounded love.

Nese Banu Aden Goldenberg

1. Bosphorus Art Bianele 2011


  Dear artists!
The Bosphorus Art Biennale 2011 is the world's largest event to all artists in the world opens its doors. 3.-9.October 2011 in the heart of Istanbul, 5000m2 cultural facilities ... All artists can apply directly and also have a gallery. Interested candidates please send your artistic background and some photos of artistic works to the end of April 2011 at the following mail: bosphorusartbiennale@gmail .com We will inform you must pre-register on. With kind regards from Istanbul,

Nese Banu Aden



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Comment by bkovacsmarta on April 27, 2011 at 9:09pm

Tisztelt Nese Banu Áden és  Rossell Damiano!

Szeretném megköszönni A Bosphorus Biennáléra való invitálást.Megtiszteltetésnek érzem a lehetőséget,de sajnos nem tudok eleget tenni a meghívásnak! Mégegyszer köszönöm ,és kívánok további erőt az alkotómunkához,és ehez a nagyszerű ötlethez,amely összekovácsolja a népeket és nemzeteket a művészet erejével!!

Szeretettel üdvözlöm Önöket!

Benkőné Kovács Márta Magyarország.Budapest 2011.04.27.

Comment by Nese Banu Argadal on April 23, 2011 at 8:34pm
Comment by Nese Banu Argadal on April 23, 2011 at 2:52pm

the informatin international 1. Bosphorus Art Biennale 2011 İstanbul ;


information mail: 


Comment by meir salomon on April 23, 2011 at 2:08pm

hi Nese Banu 

 as the the rest of the grup I am intresting to receive some more information about these event

I understand you want to see some work before, but please, show some detailes.

Comment by Nese Banu Argadal on April 23, 2011 at 12:39pm

Liebe Künstler,


bitte sendet an meine mail adresse :


die Nachricht euer İnteresse an der İnternationalen 1. Bosphorus Art Biennale 2011 İstanbul

Sie werden weiter geleitet und erhalten das Teilnahmeformular der Biennale.


Mit freundlichen grüssen aus İstanbul

Comment by mohammed saoud on April 23, 2011 at 3:31am
i am from Morcco i am interesting in participate in this event, please send me the rules.
Comment by Ildefonso Franco on April 23, 2011 at 1:28am
I am interesting in participate in this event, please send me the rules. i am from Ecuador
Comment by Milivoj Šegan on April 22, 2011 at 10:45pm

Congratulations on such a large project in the most widespread material holder, Earth

and Greetings from Zagreb, Croatia Cordially

ps. IfI  good understand should be sent to a maximum of 2 work on E'mail which will be judged, and then the default conditions .. exibition.First sending the case now should not participate  cash, only if the jury chooses to work? Thanks for your reply.lady!

Comment by Zina Bercovici on April 22, 2011 at 6:39pm


I am intresting to receive more information about these event

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