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L’association ‘’ARTISTES PLASTICIENS SANS FRONTIERES’’ active pour la promotion de l’artiste TUNISIEN a l’échelle internationale, l’aidant à suivre les justes créneaux afin d’exposer et de se faire…Doorgaan



Je moet lid zijn van belgian artists om reacties te kunnen toevoegen!

Reactie van Brigitte de LERBER op vrijdag
Reactie van Brigitte de LERBER op vrijdag

Reactie van Brigitte de LERBER op 6 Augustus 2014 op 12.39
Reactie van Brigitte de LERBER op 6 Augustus 2014 op 12.39

Reactie van Brigitte de LERBER op 4 Augustus 2014 op 18.32
Reactie van ART ANTWERP ART & DESIGN FAIR op 22 Juni 2014 op 8.21

Art Antwerp International Art & Design Fair is a fantastic 21st century Fair. An Art & Design Fair that focuses on all Art. From Fine art, Contemporary art, Antiques and Old masters, Galleries, Jewelers, Diamond, Design, Fashion Music, Architecture…

Read more about Art Antwerp, TM-Art Fine Arts International and its surrounding events at:                      

Participating at Art Antwerp 2014 as Gallery, Artist, Designer, Antique dealer, Jeweler… 
You can download the submission form or application form with booth detail at:

Or directly mail us at 
Tickets and subscriptions are available at:

For other TM-art Fine Arts related fairs and events at

Connecting Galleries, Artists, Designers, Museums with the art lover and buyers. Art Antwerp and TM-Art Fine Arts International has as well Its own International Magazine And Newspaper (Art Antwerp Magazine & Art Antwerp Times) To gain and bring and Art to the Art Lovers. 
Find out more about the Magazine & AA-Times at:

Subscriptions are possible at:

Interested in publishing an article or review, mail us at   We look forward hearing from you and meeting you at one of our events or fair.

Best regards,
Thomas Maes & The Art Antwerp Team.

Reactie van Mirjana-MIRIVAN op 27 Mei 2014 op 2.02

APPEAL FOR ALL MY FRIENDS HERE!!!!!  My Country Republic of Serbia,my City Svilajnac  and All my population are to suffer loss, to suffer damage, to standed  a pain and a horror....Now water are to go out  but afterwards population to give up all hope.They don t have now a houses, furniture, closes,documents...many people here loss farms...Country now mast in the course of constructions new houses, new a way, new bridges,railway tracks ....we are a little Country,a little but a diligent population.We All to know that we must to continue our life s  like a START ZERO. All people in my Country learning by heart and to respect subvention in this moment. That will be for As a COSTLY HELP  for meny children in my City Svilajnac and all my Country.If you can help my people now  please go to link from government Republic of Serbia    You can see here videos from my City Silajnac   THANKFUL ALL OF YOU DEAR FRIENDS   Your Worshiper and a friend painter MIRJANA IVANOVIC MIRIVAN from City Svilajnac  Republic of Serbia

Reactie van THOMAS MAES op 13 September 2013 op 21.56
Reactie van Soro Yacouba op 10 Maart 2013 op 12.15

Reactie van Io ILLY op 10 Maart 2013 op 10.41

Les artistes ont ils une responsabilité morale sur le devenir d'une civilisation ?

Hebben de kunstenaars een morele verantwoordelijkheid op de toekomst van een beschaving ? 


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