Top leading market in Fine Art Sales is China..

The top leading market in Fine Art Sales is China. This year is my third time to participate in Art Beijing. I'm very  happy with the outcome of my sales  Coming Soon  Gallery M Beijing!

Abu Dhabi is also not bad, I have lined up art projects /exnibitions in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

What do you think?

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I envy you, good luck

I really like To join a Show in China in the Future ... 
Could you give your contacts the link to my Website ?!

Thank you!

Best greetings from Germany

Fabian Freese


How would someone enter this market?

I'm not very often online on this site,... I enter the market since 2009 (three years ago) First i joined the art fair CIGE China International Gallery Exposition in 2009 i was very happy with the outcome of the sales. in 2010 i joined the Art Beijing and in 2011 as well. We're searching for a good gallery space in China we are planning to open an gallery in Beijing. I'll join  Shanghai Art Fair in November this year, The Art market in Asia is very interesting the only place now in the world where art market is booming, I participated to over 80 different international art fair in Europe and in Moscow, the present situation of the art market in Europe is very tough as well as in Russia same situation in some places in the US, Asia is the top leading art market at the moment. We just opened an office of Gallery M in Seoul, Korea, we started a good sales.

I consentrate in the art market in Asia right now, European art fair is not on my program at the moment.
We go to Shanghai Art Fair, Korean International Art Fair, Art Fair in India. These are expensive art fairs the rent of hte booth is expensive plus transport of the artworks,however any kind of business we have to invest financially,  to take the risk to invest money.

Hi Sumit,
I did, After Art Beijing my next art fair is Art Shanghai in November, I heard Art India is also a good market. I'm joining next year. I always received an invitation to participate, I didn't pay attention, i was busy with European art fairs. Next year i will  join art fair in India.

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